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I-140 is approved - PD not current - switching from H1B to G4

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I am on H1B visa currently. My current company has applied for my GC, and I-140 is approved but my PD is not current(Aug2008). I am thinking of changing jobs, and looking into the option of changing to G4 spouse visa (My wife works for UN). I can work for any employer without sponsorship under G4 spouse visa, but how do I continue to keep my current GC application active?

- would my new employer have to file my labor cert and I140 again?

- what happens if my new position and salary is different from what was in the original application?

- Since I140 is approved. Can I just apply for I485 AOS on my own when the PD becomes current?


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I have approved I-140 and am currently working on H1 visa in the US. Now if I take up an offer with one international organization, I would need to switch to G4 visa. I have got a couple of questions - 1) If I switch to G4, would the I-140 still remain valid? As I understand, because of the new rule the employer cannot revoke the I-140 any longer. But I have also come to know that green cards need to be surrendered before switching to G4 so since I-140 is part of the GC process, does that get automatically cancelled if status changes to G4? 2) If after few years I want to switch back to H1B, would I qualify as cap exempt because of the approved I-140? Is there any time limit by when the switch has to be made?

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