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Breach of contract Employment, changed to new job within contract time

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Hi Team,

I have changed my job to new employer, my visa got approved got the approval  notice.

while filing the h1b with my old employer, had employment contract letter which has mentioned need to work for 24months.

I have resigned to my old employer and now got the email for the employment contract breach and damages and asking for the explanation for moving to the new employer within the contract time

old employer saying will take appropriate course of actions on me to recovery amounts.

Need some advice on how to respond, please help...

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It is illegal for an employer to ask for money if the employee on H1 leaves before an heads-up date. An employer can ask for what is called liquidated damages, e.g., if they had expenses to train you. Such liquidated damages get lower as time progresses because by working there they get their investment back.

And next time, stay away from any  employer who wants you to sign such a contract.

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