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Can i trave to US just a day before my VISA get expired

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Hi Everyone, Thanks in Advance!.

We got Visa stamping on 2019 with "employer A" till 25-June-2022, but in 2021-May, we have transferred our H1B/H4 Visa's to "employer B" and got approved 797's till "Feb-2024". but as we have not travelled out of US since 2019, our passports are still having Visa stamping of "employer A" with Petition end date(PED) as "25-June-2022"

Recently my Wife and kids went to India on 23-March-2022, and  at the same time booked return flight tickets for 23-June-2022. Actual plan was to go for Visa stamping with 'employer B' approved petition but kids Passport Renewal got delayed and since month we are trying to get Visa slots but no luck and currently it showing available visa slots as next year like Oct-2023.

So what are the option i have here?

1. Can i bring family back to US on 23rd-June-2022( by the time they reach US it would be 24-June-2022) so we just left with only 1 day with PED on passports of old employer A, but we have approved 797's for employer B.

2. Or should i prepone the Journey and fly them little early like June 2nd weeks or so?

3. Are there any other options like i can apply for emergency visa bookings? 

Please suggest, Thanks

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You have to consider any flight cancellations or delays and hence I would try to book at least a week ahead of visa expiry.

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