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i-140 almost current. TN or H1B?

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Hi All,

My priority date is 2 months away and I am in Canada. My employer (speciafically manager) who I thought would take me back to USA on H1B say they cannot do it now last moment.
Now my options are to come on TN visa and then change to H1B and then file GC.
I had a few questions -
1) If I come on TN visa and then can I switch to H1B, or do I need to leave USA before changing status to H1B and then re-enter?
2) If I file H1B directly, even with premium processing I am not sure if I can get a visa appointment sooner than 2 months, and I have heard once I-140 becomes current I cannot apply for H1b.. is this correct ?
3) Can I book a visa appointment without H1b approval notice (I-797 I believe) ?
4) If I come on TN visa and directly apply for I-485 (approved I-140) how long will this take before I can leave the country. I ask this cause my mom is not well and I don't know when I may have to travel. Can we get EAD card with travel docs in couple months after filing I-485 (adjustment of status) and would there be any issues with travel or do I need to wait for Green card ?
5) How long is the wait to get green card after filing. I-485 (adjustment of status) in California region ?

I appreciate your answers. Thanks

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