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B2 Extension and Pending Application when Departing

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We want to file for B2 visa extension with Form I-539. But, Form I-539 takes almost 7-8 months for approval. What happens for I-539 extension when you depart the country while the application is pending ( In 6 months departure while current processing times are 7-8 months) ? Will extension application be rejected on the grounds that application not present in US?

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The application is denied if you don't show up for fingerprints. but if you did fingerprints, you may get approval after you leave. . This happened to my parents in 2020 ,mom got approved and dad got rejected as they didn't capture fingerprints correctly and they denied the application. so my dad technically overstayed . But they were both just able to re-enter today on the same B2 visa at JFK . So a huge relief for us and hope this helps to allay some fears that a lot others have had. 

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