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Trades school Apprenticeship on H4EAD

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There are trades schools that teach operating heavy machines, carpentry, construction work, etc. they run 6 to 10-week apprenticeship programs. Can people on H4EAD join those? As these are free courses and after that training people join Unions and sent for work, wherever the work is available. While on training I think a stipend is paid ($60 per week) and health insurance is provided because of the nature of the job, for health insurance student doesn't have to pay for it. Training is actually working from 8:00 am to 3:30 am with only half an hour break for lunch, so technically it's like one is working while learning so I am not sure if H4EAD should be able to do it. I know there are no restrictions for H4EAD but where can I find this info in writing especially in regard to something that clarifies about trades school and apprenticeship program and then working and availing health insurance and pension credits from the Union? Thank you for your help.

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The H4 EAD allows you to work or study anywhere. There are no limits. Because of that the law does not list any specifics. There simply are none. That's all there is to it. No limits, you can do anything you want.

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