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harish shankaran

LCA Amendment

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For change of client (Same employer) that is in a different state, that allows me to work from home (in my current state), does the USCIS permit to do so due to COVICD/whatever reason.

1. What extra information should i mention in the LCA amendment ? 

2. What extra information should the client provide in the PO ?

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You may not need any extra information, all mandatory fields like name and address of client, start date,  your home address can be put down as additional place of work, additionally approval from your client allowing you to work from home might be helpful.

Client documents and other docs i.e. PO, contract, rate approval etc. are taken care by vendors and employee stays out of it. 

Be careful and don't do it by yourself, but make sure it's filed timely by your employer. Also your employer's attorney should be able to give you all particulars. 

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