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N-400 for a child turning 18 - GC bio-metric requirement

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We are applying for citizenship (via form N-400) for me and family including my child turning 18 in the next few weeks together, and find it in USCIS forums that there was supposed to be a GC renewal for the child at the age of attaining 14 years of age for bio-metrics. I think I may have missed doing this though my child's GC shows valid for the next 3 years OK still.


My question is – can we go ahead apply for my child's naturalization as-is when upon attaining 18 years i, or we have to get the GC bio-metrics done first and then apply for citizenship. Citizenship also requires bio-metrics collection I believe. If GC bio-metrics would be mandated, is it simply filling out the I-90 form or is something special required. Thank you.

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