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Narayana B

H1B person can apply EB1C green card

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At present in USA

I am on H1B visa with employer X as a Software Developer role on papers.

Now I got an offer from employer Y as a [Associate Director - Technology]  role on papers. [H1B transfer in progress]

Employer Y- I never worked before

After I join with Employer Y, can i file EB1C green card process - is that possible and chances of GC approval allowed?


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What's "role on papers"? The role needs to be real. If it is just "on paper" it is fraud.

The requirements for EB1C include that you need to have worked for the employer abroad for at least a year in the last 3 years in a managerial or executive capacity. And btw, a 5-second Google search would ha e told you that...

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Based on information you provided, I do not see you qualifying for EB1C category.

Check with attorney of employer Y for matching criteria. 

**do the things right way, stay away from fraudulent practice **


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