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What skills to put on an EB-3 application

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I am currently going through the start of the process for an EB-3 as a digital marketing specialist  (Marketing Research Analyst SOC 13-1161).

My paralegal is 60 yo, as is my lawyer which is causing a problem as they dont really 'get' the digital marketing world and have asked me really generic questions. They cant really give me anything in depth about what is required for the PERM application. I have asked a fe times but they seem stumped, here are a few of the questions they have asked:

"1. Specialized skills in the software arena.

2. Reporting Technologies

3. Tools"

What exactly do they need in terms of skills as they dont know what they dont know. I am listing every single thing I can do with each program and I am at 42 pages long now..... This CANT be right. Does anyone have any pointers or examples they could help me with please? I dont have a choice in who I use for this application as my employer has chosen who I use.

I want to get this right first time but I am getting really frustrated with the process.

Thanks for any help you can give


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