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Citizenship Interview - No Decision

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I applied for citizenship 15 months ago and had an interview on 4/6/21, the interview went fairly well, an officer has issued N-652 with B) A decision can not be made yet about your application. In this interview, the officer asked whether do I smoke, drink, driving tickets and other regular questions.
Just quick background, I've applied along with my spouse who got his naturalization certification in April 2021 itself however I waited so long and got an interview after engaging in a congressional inquiry.


I have NO criminal history and have never been arrested. Filed taxes and stayed with my husband at the same address for more than 10 years. I would need your help to understand the root cause of this delay, and the next possible steps from here.
Here is a quick snippet -
Got Green Card in July 2015.
Applied for Naturalization along with my husband in April 2020.
Got a Notice to reuse my BIOMETRIC in Jan 2021.
Opened congression inquiry in June 2021.
Got Interview Letter in July 2021.
Appeared for an interview and got N-652 with no decision in Aug 2021.
Please share your thoughts and help me to understand my case, possible root cause, and next steps from here.


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