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DS-160 Queries

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While filling DS-160 for H1B, I have few questions. 

1) For previous employer address- should the address be of my employer or the client where I was working?

2) For previous employer start date  I have a offer letter which says my start date as 17June2019 but I started working from 01July2019 which is same in my SEVP OPT portal as well, so should I mention 1Jul or 17June in DS160?

3) If I say my intended travel date is December but I am not able to go for Stamping due to Covid restrictions and the date is now in past, should I submit a new DS160?

4) Should I fill DS160 again if there is a change in salary due to promotion in same company and location?


Kindly provide your feedback. Thanks!

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1) Employer not client

2) I feel 01July2019  better

3) Just fill up the form and do not sumbit it until 3 business days before you go for interview. Till then just open daily edit something and save it too keep DS 160 active.

4) New DS 160 is needed. You can change from old to new during finger printing.

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