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H-1B Transfer (60-day grace period)

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My last job ended on June 15,2021 and i am currently on H-1B 60-day grace period. I was offered a new job this week and prospective employer initiated H-1B Transfer . Since the filing and premium processing takes time the employer proposed a start date of August 30,2021 .
My main concern is

  1. Is it legal to have a start date after 60 days (after August 15th) ?
  2. Is filing an H1B Transfer Petition before the grace period is good to go irrespective of start date?
  3. What status I will be on in that period of time? If I am not wrong h1b status won’t be active until I start the job.

Can someone please address my questions? Thank you in advance.


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Your H1b petition is filed before the 60 day grace period so you are good.  Have you got a copy of your certified LCA?  what start date is mentioned on this LCA?  Your current status is - Pending H1b.

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