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Stuck with Oath Ceremony

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Due to unfortunate circumstances/family emergency I ended up missing my Oath Ceremony twice. After the first one, I sent a letter notifying the local USCIS of my travel situation and requested for scheduling the second one after my return + 14 days. However, I got the second appointment 3 weeks later and I had to miss that one too due to the 14-day travel-related quarantine requirement (it was on the notice). I followed up with a letter again to the local office explaining the reason for missing the ceremony. I have contacted USCIS multiple times over phone, created a SR etc to no avail. The status I keep getting is that "my application is in queue" to be scheduled for Oath Ceremony.

It's been the same status since May and it's almost three months since the second appointment. Do I have any recourse at this time? Can I contact the senators' office?

Gurus, please advise.



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