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Immigration status while petition pending

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I was working with Employer A on H1B status. Employer A terminated my job may 2021. I searched for a new job couldn't find in the 60 day grace period. The 60 days from termination date are passed now.
But before 60 days grace period was over, I filed for a COS to H-4 dependent based on my spouse's current H1B employment. I received a notice from USCIS that my application is pending. The received date is 1 week before the 60 day grace period was over.

Now a potential employer B is asking me my current immigration status which they need to record. What should I say - H1B, H-4 or something else?

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Certainly you are NOT ON H1B because the day you got terminated your H1b ended, 60 days is just grace period and during 60 days one does not have any status.

Now, as far as future employment goes....you can mention " pending approval of H-4 application". I know its kind of in grey area but you can not/should not claim to be either on H1 or H4 status.

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