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George 123

Job on US h1b and Canadian PR Parallely

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I have a typical question .

I am working fulltime on h1-b in USA for employer A which is in Detroit(Border to Canada)   . And I got another fulltime job offer from a Canadian company since I am Canadian PR(Permanent Resident) from Employer B which is remote Job and he will run payroll in Canada. 

1: Is there any issue working for both employers parallelly residing in USA on h1b ?
2: Since my Employer A (US) is in Detroit bordering Canada . What if I reside in Canada (which is my near future plan) and work for both employers and visit Detroit(USA) 2 times a week to satisfy H1b in USA ?

My current status
H1b: valid until 2024 (Didn't applied for Perm yet)
Canadian Permanent resident

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Location does not matter... how close you're to Canada border same rule applies to you if work from Wichita ,KS or Detroit ,MI. 

1. I see potential tax calculation...you have to pay tax in both countries...I am not sure but there's some tax treaty between US and Canada, consult a tax professional who has some experience in this area. 


Working for Canadian company while physically present in US and on H1B: By law you're allowed to work for 40 hr/fulltime on H1-B in US for one employer (for H1b citizenship counts , PR of Canada not necessarily gives you any exclusion*). Consult US employer's attorney and they can guide you and I believe its not that difficult, there are at-least hundreds if not thousands of individual who is working in same situation. 

Working for US company while staying in Canada: seems relatively less complicated coz you're on H1b only when you're physically present in US.

*consult an experienced professional to clarify 

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You can not work for the Canadian employer while you are physically located in the US. It doesn't matter where the job is located, it matters where you are located. In the US, you can only work for your H1 employer.

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