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Termination of employment during AOS

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My wife and I are in the middle of our Adjustment of Status process to move from our E-3 status (E-3D in my case, since I'm the dependent) to Permanent Residency / Green Card through the Diversity Lottery (my wife won).

Our number went current in June, and our application was accepted on June 7. We have received notifications about our biometrics appointment (scheduled for August 2) and our interview appointment (scheduled for August 17). 

Currently, we're still in E-3 / E-3D status. Our I-94s don't expire until 2022.

My wife has had a very bad work experience throughout the pandemic. She has only stayed in the job, so we would maintain status until our Green Card application is adjudicated. She wants to quit as soon as possible, ideally any day now, but fears it might have a detrimental impact on the Green Card process.
I understand there's a 60-day grace period for E-3 visas following the termination of employment during which the immigration status is maintained and an adjustment of status can be requested.
Since the interview is now only 32 days away, I'd like to know if her quitting the job would have an impact on our Green Card process. Of course, she wouldn't be able to work until the Green Card is processed, but that's fine. I am continuing my employment with my company and my work authorization document is valid until November. We're also able to show proof of substantial savings that prove that we won't become a public charge.
With all this in mind, do you think it's safe for her to quit the job before the interview? 

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