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H4 Transfer

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Hello All,
While working for Employer A i received an offer from Employer B and i have initiated a transfer of H1B and H4. Unfortunately i got an approved petition from Employer B with shortened i94 for both H1B and H4. Myself and dependents are  continuing to stay with previous approved i797/i94.  Since i haven't joined employer B i am sure there is no issue for me to continue to stay in US. Could you please let me know if my dependents needs new i539 to be filed? or they can go ahead and stay with Employer A approved i539 application(i797/i94). Please help(urgent)



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Please help, below are the H4 extension dates a

Employer A- 11/16/2019-10/18/2021
Employer B- 06/10/2020 -09/25/2020


H1B is continuing with Employer A and never joined employerB

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On 7/16/2021 at 9:34 PM, Leavemessageh1b said:

Dependent is always tied to primary beneficiary. update USCIS in writing about your intentions of not joining B.

Thanks alot for your reply.

My understanding is i539 approval from Employer A is still valid even if Employer B i539 is approved. Could you kindly confirm?

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