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Citizenship Interview Experience

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In my citizenship interview on 01.Jul.2021 

I was asked -

Interviewing Officer: which country comes to your mind when you think of communism? 
Me: I answered Russia 
IO: any other country? 
Me: I cannot think of any other.
IO: a country that is very close to you.
Me: No, I cannot think of.
IO: China

IO: You're engineer you should be able to answer these questions.
Me: Yes. Agree.

Also, the interviewing office for no reason shared information about him with me - I'm also an engineer in chemistry and then IT.

Finally, he gave me Form N-652 telling me he cannot confirm my Taxes status so decision is not yet made.

When I reached home (about 1 hour) and checked online the status showed Oath Ceremony Notice is mailed.

Is this harassment? i.e. asking questions that are not listed anywhere and "calling out what I should be able to answer" and references to countries like "close to your country"

Is this something I can report? how?

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I suspect you are jumping to unwarranted conclusions. He can always converse with you to gauge your English Language skills which is part of the test. The fact that your oath letter is mailed should tell you that there is no issue.

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