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N-400 Processing time for Newark, New Jersey and possible move to Tampa, Florida

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Hello Friends - I need some help, we applied for Citizenship (N-400) in October 2020 and the biometrics was completed for both me and my spouse at end of January 2021. Now that when I track my case on uscis.gov, it shows processing timeline of 13 months. Initially 2 months back, it was showing approximately 7 months and now it's 13 months.

I wanted to check with folks in this community to see if they have similar situation or if anyone applied for citizenship last year , if yes - what day/month they filed and what is the current status of their application. The reason I am asking is 1) to understand if it's really going to be 13 months 2) we were planning to move to Tampa, Florida and also wanted to check if it may be quicker to get the processing done in the Tampa center ? 

Appreciate your help / guidance / support on this. 

Thank you all ! 

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The same thing happened to our application. I submitted it in mar 2021, at the beginning it showed a processing time of 9months, but now it says 17 months.

similarly for my husband it said 7 months before and now says 14 months 

I live in NJ too

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Thanks bayarea_girl for your response, just hope this processing time changes. Also any idea if this is cumulative timeframe from the time it was filed or does it show as of , meaning - if it;s showing 17 months now - is it 17 months from now or from March 2021 in your case ?


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Have a mistake in the # of months

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Hey, just wanted to give an update that my husband finished his oath ceremony yesterday. So the process Indeed did complete in 7 months though it said 14 months.

so fingers crossed for the rest of us!

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