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Perm filing with new employer

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Hello Friends,

I have changed my employer after 12+ years (tired of waiting for my priority date to be current). My I-140 was approved back in 2011. The I-140 approval notice has priority date mentioned as well as A-###.

My question to learned friends here is:

1. Is the priority date listed on i-140 approval is my priority date?

2. My new employer is in process of filing new PERM and asking for my previous PERM filing date which I do not know and will have to ask my previous employer (not sure if my previous employer will provide the filing date or delay as much possible to provide the information).

         i. Is there any other way to find out the details?

        ii. Is previous Perm filing date is must to retain my priority date with new PERM filing?


Thank you for your answers.


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