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APplied for Citizenship in May 2019. GC expiring in Aug. Travel??

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If someone can guide me here I would really appreciate it.

I applied N-400 in May 2019, Interview got Scheduled for March 2020 but got cancelled in the last minute due to COVID. USCIS didnt get back to us until now with the dates for interview and I have a open question to them.

Our Green cards are going to expire in August 2021 in the mean time.

1) What are the implications on travel to India/outside US if the interview doesn't happen before August 2021 and passport cannot be procured?

2) Do we need to  extend/renew the GC and what if that also doesn't come before Aug 2021?

Please please, any guidance/info will be much appreciated. Given the situation, we don't want any blockages to travel to India if required.



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1. You can travel on the GC any time up until the expiration date. To travel after the expiration date, you should get an I-551 stamp before you leave.

2. No. You should be able to get an I-551 stamp based on your pending N-400, without needing to file an I-90

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"Starting in January, applicants who file Form I-90 to replace an expiring Green Card will receive the revised receipt notice in the mail approximately 7-10 days after USCIS accepts their application. This notice will be printed on secure paper and will serve as evidence of identity and employment authorization when presented with an expired Green Card. "

No more I-551 stamps.

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