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Deportation/Deferred Inspection: Hiring an immigration attorney

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I am planning to travel to INDIA. But I do have a misdeamenor in the past and anticipating either deferred inspection or an ICE custody and so, would like to plan my international arrival around a POE that has best immigration defense attorney having experience with CIMT and inadmissibility issues. Along with dismissing the case (NTA) even before it goes over to the immigration court.

Everyone told me only hire immigration attorneys local to the place (POE) at which I was either given deferred inspection or taken into ICE custody. Which POE does murthy CIMT attorneys usually represent individuals with? Is it Seattle and Washington D.C?

If I travel return to USA from SFO international airport and If I was given deferred inspection at SFO, hiring murthy law firm might not makes sense since, they are not local and they had to hire some other attorney local to SFO area to assist me and the hired local attorney might not show personal interest since, he don't get his due share?

I want to travel around a POE that has the best immigration attorneys experienced around CIMT/deportation defense.  Which POE's/Cities do you recommend me to plan my international travel? If not, which cities does Murhty CIMT attorneys usually represent the individuals directly?

Please, advice.

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I honestly don't understand how you can ever get waiver of inadmissibility, but why not just contact Murthy Law firm directly? Or go to AILA and find the removal defense lawyers within your jurisdiction. 

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