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Is PERM needed to be filed again if you go back to previous employer

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Hi Murthy Law Firm and Team,

My Perm was filed  and have approved i-140 (EB-2 and PD Aug 2011) with employer A  and moved back to India due to visa extension went over 240 days in 2018 and was not allowed to work, so i went to India and after few months later the h1 extension with company A got denied.  I switched to company B  back in India who also filed the h1 transfer before moving to India. As my h1 transfer with company B got approved, so came back to US in 2019 and now Company B has filed the PERM process and is still in progress, So now a days it is taking so long to approve.

Now i have an opportunity to join back company A and they have confirmed that my PERM is not revoked.

In this scenario, is it advisable to re-join Company A who has PERM/I-140 and just have to wait for my PD to be current and file  1-485 or is there any impact as Company B's perm is in progress.

Or else does Company A has to start from the beginning of filing PERM and I-140 again. Please advise.

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