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Ram Krupal

Visitor Visa - returning to US after a month of visit to India

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My mother came to US on 15-Dec-2020 and have been staying with me since then. She has a travel plan to India on 07-May-2021 to attend a family ceremony and intends to travel back to US on 11-Jun-2021. That would mean she has stayed here in USA for about 5 months (Dec-2020 to May-2021) and going out for about a month and planning to come back. I know this is generally not encouraged much and can potentially be questioned at the POE. The problem we have is she cannot stay alone in India for longer as my brother lives in Canada and I stay in US.

My questions are as follows:

1) Is there any hard stop stating that you cannot return to US after a brief stay out of the country? (She has a valid visitor visa for like next 7 years)

2) If questioned at POE, what is the best way to handle/answer her reasons to return?

If anyone had similar experiences, kindly share your thoughts.

As always, appreciate the insights from this forum.

Thank you and gave a great day!



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