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GC application for RN working on H4

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I am working on H4 EAD through my spouse who is on H1B with approved I140. I was wondering if I have any option for applying for a GC as I work with COVID patients in ICU. 
Thanks and appreciate any input on this topic

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Good for you. I would suggest getting a consult with a lawyer who is familiar with the matter. Maybe the firm of Murthy. Schedule A used to apply for nurses and maybe it still does give you some options for the GC.

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You may be eligible for Schedule A processing. Assuming you working as an RN, normally it falls under EB3 category. If your nationality is anywhere other than India, you can get a GC quickly following this route.

Last year congress entertained the idea about providing GC to some Physicians/Nurses by recapturing lost GCs. But as like any other immigration reform, it also was abandoned.

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