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I-824 processing time

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Hi There,

I wanted to know about my situation here in INDIA. I had L1A visa with approved I-140 PD 06/1/2018. I got my L1A extension denied in January  2020 and moved back to INDIA. I haven't change my employer yet. I got Approved H1B for 2021 for another employer i haven't took it yet. My current employer filed My I-824 for my GC process for consular process. I wanted to know how long  consular process take to get in USA?. and Is approved H1B will create any issue for my green card process. your answer will be highly appreciated. 

Thank you  

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H1 is dual intent and will not create any issue. The priority date is in January 2020 for EB1. Hence you are current if the GC was for EB1. For consular processing, you will need a job letter from the current employer. Hence moving to another employer on H1 will be a bad idea.

If EB1, the process may take up to a year. I assume you are still working for the GC sponsor.

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Thanks for your reply. I am now with my current employer they apply my GC from India. they filed my I-824 December 2020 as they said i didn't received any receipt notice yet. I can't go and ask to the LAW firm. what i need to do. you answer will be highly appreciated.   

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