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new PERM and I140 mandatory with Change of location

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Thank you very much for huge efforts in clarifying questions in complicated Immigration matters. Really appreciate your efforts.


I am on H-1B and my PERM / I-140 has been approved (PD 10/2018, EB2) with current employer. I am planning to move me to different location within the same company (east to west coast, change in MSA). I would be completing 6 years on H-1B by mid 2021. So, company planning to apply for extension/amendment  for H-1B beyond 6 years and for new location.

But my questions are

1) Without applying PERM/I-140 at new location, can't we use already approved PERM/I-140 to keep renewing H-1B at new location also?

2) Is it mandatory to initiate new PERM/I-140 with drastic change in location, irrespective of where I would work in future when it is time (PD become current) for GC?

3) If I can return to old location when it is time (PD) for applying GC, and before applying for I-485, even then it is mandatory to apply PERM/I-140 at new location?

4) If I plan to stay at new location when it is time (PD) for applying GC and even after getting GC, then I can't apply for GC unless I have PERM/I-140 at new location?

5) If I stay at new location when it is time (PD) for applying GC, but plan to relocate to old location after getting GC, can we apply GC with old PERM/I-140 or need new PERM/I-140 to even apply GC (I485)?

Really appreciate your answers. Thanks in advance.


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