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Traveling on Day 1 CPT

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I 've been on a day one CPT for around a yer now and I plan on traveling to India in the next two months. In the past I know that it used to be safe to travel on day 1 CPT but I heard that in around April they were stopping people from coming back on Day 1 CPT. Is it safe to travel in Feb 2021 on a day 1 CPT? If so, what documents do I need to carry and what questions might I need to to be prepared to answer? 

It would be really helpful if people who have travelled recently in the past 3 or months can help me answer this and provide their experience. 

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Pretty much all of day 1 CPT is fraudulent. An F1 is for studying, not for working in some arbitrary job.

You need to go to a real university.

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You do realise what you are doing is illegal right? No document can help you. You need to go to a real university and try not to bend the rules.

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