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You will receive a letter by courier after the review is completed.

In the mean while, you can mail the Chennai consulate to know the status.

Follow the steps in this link -


As I mentioned in other post - They'll respond with generic answer saying that It's under admin processing (In some cases, Even after they take a decision about your case) just to delay the case (As mentioned by someone else in this forum)

There is another way to check the status also - By calling the DOS (As mentioned by someone else in this forum)-

Dial 202-663-1225

and press 1 and 0 and it takes some time to get connected to the officer. Tell them the passport number - they will give information on the case.

Again, They can give the update only after the Consulate take a decision ie. The time between they take a decision and you receive the formal letter by courier.

Hope this helps

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To answer your No 7(Detailed description of the internal development project)...

If you are on EVC,

you can specify that you are not assigned to any internal project and that you work at the client location.To support this,you can submit the technical document of the project you are working on at the client location.It should work.

Hope this helps.

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At the back of my 221g green VO marked for "You may submit the addtnl docs via drop box using VFS Services in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyd and Kochi."

So, can I drop mine at Hyd even though I attended the interview at Chennai?

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Hi Kiran

small doubt ..what is EVC,

and i have submitted my documents on tuesday, do you know how many days to reach chennai.i am planning to send an email to consulate regarding the status..

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Good evening everyone.

Just wanna check and see if there are any updates.None from my side.Hopefully we should all hear get some update some time soon as most of the 221g green chennai in June/July have been cleared and few are actually on August.Keeping the hopes up!!

@pranavi:EVC - employer(your petitioner)-vendor-client.

If you have one more vendor in between add another V while you update the thread.

Good luck.

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Me: Hi

VO: Hello

Me: Gave DS 160 Confirmation, I 797, Passport

VO: Where is LCA

Me: I misplaced unfortunately could not give that, she got angry

VO: She was angry lady from here

VO: where do u work, employer, vendor, client, manager, location, etc.

me: answered appropriately

VO: noted everything and gave me 221g green with all options checked

me: how long the process would take

VO: depends on your employer howlong they take to send the docs

me: can't figure out anything from this 221g but GREEN gives me a feeling of green signal once the docs given to their satisfaction.

me: submitted the requested docs aug 31, but will be send to the consulate only sep 02 2011, due to the continuous holidays in India.

Not sure how long they are going to take.


Sent family in the month of June and they got the visa stamped kids + wife

Sent them to the USA sep 05 2011 had to cancel my ticket (missing them and not travelling with them) unfortunately. Hoping they will not have any issues on h4 while h1b under 221g.

meantime other employer is ready to transfer the visa but not sure...what to do...

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@221gchennai -

No update from my side as well.Since there are many holidays in the last week and this monday happens to be long weekend in US, probabaly we'll have to wait till next week.

@Muhammedh -

Sorry to hear your case.

Since it is green 221g, may be you should give a chance before considering h1b transfer.

The success rate of green 221g is high (based on the posts in this forum).

I would suggest you to wait for 1-2 months. Again it depends on your urgency. Since your family is there, you can consider the transfer now itself which may also take a month.

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I am also in the same boat

interview date : 06/28/2011

221g - Green

Documents asked - contract letter

Model :EVVC

Passport along with 221g : No

Documents submitted on :07/15/2011

Still waiting no update on my case.Its more than two months.

Is there anyone who can tell me what should i do should i go on h4.

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interview date : 08/18/2011

221g - Green

Documents asked - contract letter, company tax documents, description of project, role and responsibilities.

Model :EVC

Passport along with 221g : No

Documents submitted on :08/19/2011

Still waiting - no update on my case

Good luck to all in the same situation.

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So this is my case:

Mine is a Visa transfer + Extension

I work for one of the biggest Consulting firms in the world..(4th ranking globally)

Direct employee.

Interview date : Aug 9th

221g : green color with all options in left side ticked

Documents submitted : No . not yet

The VO was a lady, She asked me for DS160 + LCA, asked me how much my pay was. My role in the project, howlong i have been working etc...She was happy so far with all the responses

The last question she asked me was the reporting structure: My Proj location is NY, while Home office is NY, i have a Senior Manger i report to @ client location (my company) and in Atlanta i have my Manager who performs my yearly appraisal.

I explained that i get project feedback from my Senior Manager and Performance feedback including Developmental needs, learning needs, skills development and yearly performance feedback from her.

At this the lady VO, got confused and tried to corner me, asking which location my client manager sits, when i sd he was not from Atlanta office....she took out the green slip...My case was clear....but the VO wasnt able to follow my companies process, and gave me this slip.

Now my issue is...since my company is Huge with Global presence ....they have been telling me that getting me all these documents will take loooooot of time....or they may even decide as to an alternative response stating they cant provide this info etc etc..

I am totally worried here as to what i can do...my company may not give any of the documentation, and i may be stuck...

Can anyone plzzzzzzzzz suggest alternative ideas....totally worried here!!


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Sorry to hear about your case.

My 10 cents:

If your employer is willing to keep you through the long process you might want to wait and make the submission properly even if it takes a while.

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I was given a 221(g) green at the Chennai consulate asking for my previous petition to be revoked first. Initially, I was on an EVC model and my visa stamping was denied. Then I got a new petition with the prime vendor and went for stamping again. There seemed to be some concern over my previous petitioner. I have read about so many cases on this forum where people with one petition pending 221g also got visa approved with a new petition. Why am I stuck like this? What are the next steps? Revocation of previous petition may take months because who knows when USCIS will send the revocation letter.

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Oh man! This is very weird.

This is the first instance I'm hearing about such a case.

Not exactly sure why the VO asked to revoke ur previous petition - May be another ploy to delay the things because everybody is finding this way to get back into US and they want to tighten the screws this way also?

But this is very unfortunate because we've a client waiting for us and have a proper employment based on new petition approval.

Some experts should step in to explain this case.

My suggestion is to consult an attorney to find a way out of this..

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I attended interview at Chennai on 5-Aug and got green slip (221 (g)). Same day I submitted all my documents. Within two weeks I got all my original documents back from VFS and they asked me to submit my original passport. But my passport was with U.S.Consulate. Again I spoke to VFS and confirmed that my passport is with chennai consulate. Right now they have only my original passport, still now they are not updating my case status. They told that "Your case will be processed when we receive the clearance from Department of State."

I don't know when I am going to get my passport and visa.

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Did you not inform the consulate beforehand that you were withdrawing your petition? I saw some people do it before going for second stamping

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My previous visa was denied - so I did not think I needed to withdraw the petition. I did offer to withdraw the petition right there if need be, but they did not agree.

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Got the reply from the consulate saying that -

'You may check with VFS today as your passport wil be there at 3 Pm'.

Not mentioned whether it is approved or not.

Called consulate and they responded that wait till you get the passport and check. Didn't understand why they are so rude.

Got very anxious...and called DOS during starting hours of their day ie 8:30AM(EST) itself and got the update that it is still pending.

Got very nervous..just got a feeling that the database might not have been updated and called them again at 11:30 AM and this time got the good news that my Visa was issued and the passport was sent.

Hope n pray that everybody else also will get their visas soon..as I know how difficult it is to go thru all this.

All D Best to all.

PS:Mine is a very long story and will soon post it in a separate thread

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