Hi All, I would like to start this form only for those who have recived the 221g GREEN form @ CHENNAI consulate in AUGUST month Interview date : 08/11/2011 221g - GREEN form Documents asked - client letter and contract letters in addition to pettion copy and 1797 etc... model :EVC Passport along with 221g : YES Regarding our interview: just the basic questions and its short and simple Whom do you work for? Highest qualification? Work location? Since we mentioned cliient location VO asked for client letter, we submitted it Next she asked for the contract letters between employer,vendor and client (VO isnt satisfied with PO screenshots/ assignments forms we submitted which stated clearly name, position, timelines with respect to vendor and client etc...) Gave us 221g green form P S : please do mention if you are asked to submit the passport along with 221g