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Extension of H1 after expiry with I 140

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Hi, I worked in the USA on H1B visa for around 5 years and 6 months. Then I went back to India and joined my company's India office. While working in India with the same company, I filed my  green card. After around 2 and half years, while my PERM was in process i came back to the USA on L1A visa because of some urgent onsite assignment. While staying in the USA on L1A my PERM got approved and also my I140. My question now is, can I extend my old H1B on the basis of my approved I140. I am still in the USA on L1A.

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Hi, thanks for the reply. My H1B is now maxed out. Still can I extend it? If that is the case, why people waiting for I-140 are leaving the country keeping some time in their H1B in stead of working till maxout date. 

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