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Job change, Is there a time limit to file I-485 J

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My GC interview was done last year, PD is not current, I have joined new employer.

Is there a time limit viz., within 30 days the new employer has to file I-485 J ????

The new employer is preparing the form, but it’s almost a month now.

Does anyone know if there is any time limit within which I-485 J has to be filed by new employer??

Thanks in advance.

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https://www.uscis.gov/i-485supj is a good informative link. As per this, there is no time limit for the new employer to file the I-485 J Supplement. Typically USCIS will send a notification once your case is current (or about to become current). If they ask for it, that's when you the primary applicant and your current employer have to jointly fill out the 

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