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221g Employment Documents on 28/09/2020

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Hello Everyone,

Here is my situation

I am working as direct employee of US based Company A. I have applied for my H1b extension in November 2019 with a developer Title X, got it approved in January 2020. I got promoted with in the same Job group as Lead/developer with Title Y. Travelled to India in March 2020 hoping to get the Visa stamped , but things changed as consulates got closed on 16/03/2020. So, I have been working remotely from then. On 12/08/2020  some exceptions were released to the travel Ban proclamation on June 22 for H1b, I was eligible for one of the exception as I would be travelling to same Job that I had before coming to India.

So, I was able to get an emergency visa slot for H1b based on family separation medical reason, as my husband is in USA. I attended H1b Visa stamping on 28/09/2020, and here are the questions VO asked.

1. Are you applying for H1B

2. Who do you work for ?

2. What is your Designation,

3. What do you do exactly, Job Duties,

4. Are you going to same place in same role.

5. Do you know your rights.

Then he was looking into screen, probably my VISA application DS160, discussed something with other person behind him and took a 221g form. He said I need to scan and send employment documents to the email on the 221g form. I said I do have them now, but he said that because of COVID they are not able to look into documents now and asked to send them electronically.

So, I was wondering, is there anyone in same situation of applying for H1b in these COVID times and got it approved, is this new process of asking documents electronically ? 

Also, I have the question about having different Titles on Immigration Documents like LCA and I129 and Employment verification Letter, as the Title changed after H1b extension was approved, but Job duties did not change more than 50%. Will there be any kind of supporting documents to use for Title changes for Visa Approvals.

Thank you.







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Hi, Im in a similar situation. Mine was a dropbox appointment on sept 28th. I got a response from the embassy on sept 30th requesting a letter from my employer that Im still employed. I have emailed the docuements and Im still waiting for the decision. Pretty similar to yours, but mine is dropbox process.

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