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Confusion on GC processing status with international promotions

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I work with a large corporation as the Director of Analytics on H1B (8th year, on I140 with PD dated Sep-13). We are not a consulting company and I work as a full-timer with decent salary in Texas. I've been presented an opportunity for promotion which might come with a mandate to take a leadership rotation which involves spending 3-4 years in EU. While I have to figure out what I do with my house, cars etc., I wanted to know what happens to my GC process, prospects of coming back, what it means when I come back after 4 years etc., 

The role is a band up and is still full-time but with one of the EU offices. The role is enticing and I feel this is the only time I can do this but I'm worried about immigration processing if and when i return to the US. 

Anyone else in the same boat? If you're, what did you do with your house, mortgage etc., I hate to sell my house but if that's the only option, then I'll have to work it out. This might be a dumb question but my knowledge level on this is limited and thus posting it- if you feel it's dumb and don't want to answer, please pass on instead of mocking me like they did in another forum. 




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I feel regarding immigration issues you need to discuss with your company's immigration legal team. I feel any decent company will work immigration attorney.

Regarding mortgage and other questions, please understand this is forum related to immigration H1B and those questions are personal questions. If you hate to sell then you do not gave us anyother option other than advising rent it out...

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