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holding Mutliple i797

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Currently I work for Employer A and recently my H1-B extension approved till March 2023. I had decided to change company and got an offer from Employer B and H1 transfer also approved with validity till September 2023. Unfortunately, Employer B didn't give the confirmation on joining and never joined Employer B and still continuing with Employer A.

Meanwhile, got an offer from Employer C and they are going to initiate the transfer process. There is a section on previous VISA information about all previously held VISA details. Should I mention the visa details of Employer B ?  as am currently with two approved i797 from Employer A and Employer B 

Please advice ASAP.

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You need to understand H1B petition and H1B visa is different.

You can have multiple H1B approved petitions but you need to have only 1 visa at a time.

Employer B as per law must let USCIS know that you do not work for them and get H1B revoked. Look into that.


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If you did not join Employer B, B would have revoked the H1b approval by now as per law.  

H1b is filed by employer.  Let Employer C and his attorney decide 

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