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USCIS Phoenix office scheduled a interview after the address change was approved by USCIS for new residence in Texas

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Hi ,

I applied for a an Adjustment of Status in October 2019 in Phoenix  AZ. This was based on an approved i130 . However  we recently moved to Texas  on 22nd August 2020  and I changed the address on the same day. The COA was approved by USCIS and an email was sent to me about the service request associated with the Change of Address. Today I received an email from my attorney who's based in Phoenix that my interview has been scheduled for 6th October at Phoenix Center, also the address on the invitation is for my old address in Phoenix. When I called up the Uscis service center number , they informed me that they are unable to see any interview scheduled with my Case and Alien number.

What should I do in this case?

Should I and my spouse go for the interview in Phoenix ? or submit a service request so that national office can contact field office and make a change in address and move to case to San Antonio.  I am confused as this seems like a unique situation, because the address change was accepted 2 weeks before the USCIS generated the Notice for Interview, and there seems to be a disconnect between the national center and the field office.

The timeline for my case is as follows:

i-130 Application Reciept Date:  June 2018

i-130 Approval Oct 2019

i485/EAD/AP Application Oct 2019

AP/EAD Approval - July 2020

Address Change : Aug 22 2020

Address Change Approval : Sept 2 2020

Notice for interview : Sept 14-2020 ( For Phoenix Location)


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Sarcasm will get you nowhere in a forum.

The sensible take is to call the lawyer as possibly he can discuss the matter with the center and save you many more months of patience.

Edited by pontevecchio

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@pontevecchio ,  the reason I posted here , is to know about other's similar experiences, of course I called my lawyer and took his legal advice. That's the reason I retained him , anyways  thanks for responding on this chat. 

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