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Recieved H1B RFE on work site

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I received a wired RFE , asking client worksite details

  1. Is the work location is owned or leased ,submit the appropriate document
  2. Copies of current valid city,county, state and/or federal government business licenses
  3. Evidence of business conducted at work location that include utility bills etc..

My client is denied to provide those details, Please help on how to proceed with this RFE.

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Google up this business on the internet. If you are lucky, you may find some information on the web.  Also take lot of photos at the client site (exterior, showing address of the business, street name, building etc.) as well as interior photos with the business logos on it, your desk, etc. Also a notarized affidavit from a co-worker regarding business being conducted in that premises will help.   Your attorney should be able to advise you .....

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In addition to my previous comment, I also suggest submitting copy of company emails.  Generic emails like good job, great work, etc. will help.

Also check with the attorney.  Good Luck.

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