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Urgent: Seeking advice on my current situation

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Hello everyone,

I am seeking valuable inputs from this community to see what my options are now & see if anyone has been through same situation as me earlier.

Here is my situation-

I was a FTE at US company and got laid off in Apr'20 due to Covid-19 situation.
Within the 60 days grace period, I got different project and has joined the previous company(EC model) in June'20.
The reason why I chose my previous company is because they hold my I-140.
When my employer filed the transfer there was no PP and they filed in regular processing.
Upgraded my case to PP later and it's been 45 days and still in received status. I initially thought my case went into some random security check.
After enquiring with employer about my case, I came to know there are couple of similar cases that are filed ahead of me and are in similar situation. Read in couple of forums and then realized some type of auditing or security check might be happening with the company - Not sure if it is USCIS.

What are my options now? I know these are not legal and I would reach out to lawyer about this.

1) Should I wait till my employer gets cleared from security checks? ( Don't know how long would it take).
2) Should I transfer to new employer? If I initiate a transfer to new employer (If it gets approved - ?), what is the legal status of my previous petition & extension of stay from June'20 to the period the transfer is initiated/approved?

Appreciate all your inputs.


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The risk with working on just receipt notice is the you are assuming the risk of (non)validity of bridge petitions.

Even if you successfully get an approval with another new employer now, the rejection of the current pending petition- especially if fraudulent employer related, will bring your continuity of legal status under scrutiny in future.

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