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H4 EAD - Form G-28 Rejected

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I recently submitted H4 EAD application, and upon checking the receipt status on the website it shows "Form G28 is rejected because it was poorly filled".

I never submitted form G-28 with EAD Application or there is a need to submit G-28. Upon calling USCIS to check what action is needed they asked me not to worry about it. But even in the receipt notice there is similar statement about G28.

Has someone experienced the same? Is there any action i need to take on this.

Please help


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Form G-28 is filed when you have an attorney representing you.   Since you did your own filing and did not submit a G-28, I am surprised that a Form G28 has come up in your case.  You are good as long as your spouse has an approved H1b.  USCIS has asked you not to worry, so no worries.

Would love to hear what the experts say.

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