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COS(OPT-H1B) - Currently in CAP-GAP - Regular Processing H1B Decision Pending: Work Authorization ends on Sep 30th - Best Course of Action? Please advice.

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Hi - I have filed H1B petition under regular processing 40 days ago at Vermont Center and have received my receipt number. (No, I haven't received the Receipt Notice yet, my university was able to provide me the Receipt Number and approve my Cap-Gap)

Currently I am in CAP-GAP - eligible to work till Sept 30th. 

Given the deadline and current delays - Please advice if I should convert my petition to premium processing. My employer mentioned that premium processing *might* hamper my chances for an approval. Hence the dilemma whether to push my employer to change my petition to premium processing. Also - I am hearing a lot of advice around staying calm and keep waiting in regular processing.  

However - Sep 30th Deadline is troubling me a lot. 

As a back-up: As I am on F1 - I am able to join a University on Day1 CPT to continue working.  If I keep waiting for the decision on regular processing and join the university at the end of August - Will this impact the chances of H1B Approval. 

Please advice...Thank you... 


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Day-1 CPT will jeopardize your future in USA. DO NOT DO THAT. 

PP has nothing to with approval or denial.  

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I have heard many employers advising against premium processing.

September 30 deadline is nothing to get worried about.  I have seen many such cases.  Once your H1b gets approved, it will have a start date of October 01, 2020 i.e. Your status will change from F1 student to a worker.  You can be on ONLY ONE status at a time.

Let us see what other experts have to say

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