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Questions on DS 260 Filing for Mothers Green Card

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Hello - 

With the Covid 19 related confusion, I need help to understand what to do with our situation. I have filed for my mothers green card

1- Father expired last year in India. Decided to bring mother to USA but visitor visa got rejected 3 times.

2- Mothers GC filed, I-130 Approved in April 2020. 

3- NVC instructions received. Mumbai, India embassy assigned for interview location for consuler processing. Logged in and Paid the fees. 

4- DS-260 is complete but not submitted yet. I also have to complete I-864 (Affidavit of Support). 

Few Questions that I am confused about what to do:

1- We had been confused with the Covid-19 situation as mother is 72 years old and cannot go for interview at this time. I have therefore not yet filed for DS260. How long can I wait to file ? 

2- Should I go ahead and file for DS260 or continue to wait ? Is there any president proclamation that affects us in any way?

3- How quickly are they approving DS 260 applications these days and assigning interview dates for consuler processing? Can these interviews be rescheduled?

4-Noticed that for the interview they have a PUBLIC CHARGE QUESTIONNAIRE these days. Can they deny Green Card if they feel the applicant can become public charge?

5- The public charge form asks for health care coverage questions when in USA. What kind of health insurance are people buying that is typically acceptable in USA ? Any guidelines or weblinks will be appreciated.

Thank you for your quick responses




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