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Multiple H1B transfer while extension is in RFE

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I'm with employer A. I94 of the Employer A expired. Company A applied extension and received RFE.

Company B filed transfer before my current I94 expired and approved. But not joined yet.

Now I got offer from Company C. How can I apply transfer with Company C? My current company I94 expired. Can I apply with Company B transfer petition? But I don't have payslips from Company B yet.

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Hello 500112, If you are not interested in Employer A, please ask them to "withdraw" your petition or it will land into a denial by USCIS if RFE is not answered by Employer A (because you have left him) and this denial will go into your immigration records.  Employer B must have spent lot of money in fees + attorney charges to get your transfer approved. Is Employer B readily agreeing to you leaving him? 

I am looking forward to reply of an expert/experienced person on how you can transfer to Employer C.

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Since A is your current employer for C you need to submit A details. Since C is applying after I94 expiry I feel it depends on A decision. I might be wrong.

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