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Parents stuck in India, GC renewal in progress - how can they return

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My parents are Legal permanent residents. They went to India in October 2019. Their green cards (10 year validity) were set to expire in April 2020. They planned to return before that date, but couldn't return in time due surgeries + travel ban. Since their green cards expired, they filed for renewal online based on an attorney's suggestion (they could not travel to embassy given their health situation + covid scare). Acknowledgement letters have arrived to my address in the US. I have sent them to India. Renewal is currently under processing. Current wait time is 11-12 months.

How can they return to US?  USCIS site suggests getting a boarding foil (stamp on passport) at the nearest local embassy. Has anyone been in this situation? What is the procedure?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Interested to know if you resolved this or got further information. In my parent's case their GC is valid but their stay in India will cross 6 months soon and due to their age they are sheltering in place since few months. I have not heard of the "boarding foil" can you please paste the link to the USCIS page that advices it? Thanks.

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