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Green card seeker

EB1 priority date is current. When should we expect a greencard?

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The EB1 India priority ates have been advancing fast in past few months. Our EB1B priority date became current in July 2020 bulletin. We are done with I-485 interviews and all other formalities. Our company lawyers have indicated there are no further steps to be taken from our side. However, we have not heard anything yet from USCIS. Would you have any idea/experience with the timelines of USCIS issuing green cards after EB1 priority date becomes current?

Also, our health forms were submitted in October 2017 (more than 2 years ago) along with the I-485 application documents. Would a repeat health checkup be holding the issuing of greencards for us? 

 Thanks in advance.

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Hi.  I am in exactly the similar situation.  My PD is current per Aug 2020 Visa bulletin.

Here is my little understanding (not a legal advice obviously) of the process. 

The PD becomes current on Aug 01, 2020 ie Green card approval/delivery would ideally start post Aug 01.  There is no  indication of current timelines anywhere but I believe, one should get the GC delivered by mail in 30-90 days if there are no additional requirements. Again ideally, one should get approval/RFE notification within 30 days if there are any additional requirements.  If we don't receive any notification by Aug 30, we can raise an enquiry which may take 60 days to respond.

In your case, you should expect to get GC/RFE by end July (again ideally).

Based on my understanding, the Medical is valid for two years (used to be one year prior to late 2018), so if you last medical submitted was in 2017, you may receive an RFE for it.  I tried to enquire but it appears that you cannot proactively submit it and you have to wait and respond only once you get the RFE.

Question - Did you not submit a new Medical when you went for your I-485 interview which I assume may have happened in 2019 ie your medical could be current ?

As you may have experienced by now, all the above are guesstimates and the everything may delay again if >70% of USCIS employees are furloughed from Aug 03 due to lack of funding.

Fingers crossed NOT to have an RFE and directly get the GC in Aug. 

All the best.

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Additional info/review

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I have a question about the impact on EB1 Green card, my EB1 is current but don't know when will that come. Any idea, if I lose employment while before I receive the Green card, will it impact the GC process? 

Thanks in advance!

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Is the time frame mentioned above strictly for EB1 category? Does it work the same for EB2 and EB3 if those priority dates are current?

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