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Need advise : Working from India on us payroll

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Hello Everyone. I need your advise for my situation. I am currently working on H1-B approved and stamped till January 2022. I had traveled to India in March this year and right now stuck here due to COVID. However, my client is fine for me supporting remotely from India. I am on US payroll. I have questions below.

1) Since I am not feeling safe to travel right now; Arizona, which is my work place, has increasing numbers in cases; And since my family stays in India how long can I be working remotely? Any time limit for this COVID situation and considering safety?

2) Would there be any effect on future Entries into US after working on US payroll and being in India?

Thank you in advance

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1. As long as your employer allows you to work remotely you can work from India. No time limit.

2. No issues on the US side, but check with a CA to see if you have to file taxes in India too. 

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1. You can work from India as long your employer is OK with it. Any time limit for this COVID situation and considering safety? - NOPE. You need to pay taxes in India and USA applicable.

2. No.

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