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H1b Travel with old employer visa stamping

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Hello Everyone, 


One of my friend is planning to Travel to india for his marriage in november 2020,he Currently have a valid stamp from Employer A until 2021 December.He recently changed to employer -B(full time) Started working at employer-B.Can he still travel to india with old employer stamping.(Does he have to go for stamping again).


Is there any problem with Trump ban on h1b visa.


Thanks in advance, 


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Is there any problem with Trump ban on h1b visa.  as of now no. But anything can happen.

Your friend can travel and come back before DEC 2021 without new stamping. Ask him to carry old visa along with new H1B (B) approval.

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No issues, he can travel with old employers visa stamp and new employers i797 approval notice. Show the new I797 at POE to get the I94 accordingly. 

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Presintial proclamation doesn't affect persons holding a valid as of June 24, 2020 and they can travel anytime during the validity of the visa. Unless, Trump comes up with some new proclamation you don't seem to have an issue. So watch out any new developments before your travel or consult with an immigration attorney to see.if they foresee any upcoming trouble for you.

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