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Need to confirm about H1B status based upon I-94

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Below is my case. Really appreciate if someone can help me out.


I was with employer A and I-94 was valid till 28th Feb 2020. [It was through H1B extension and I did travel in May 2019 outside USA. And upon returning it got updated].


Now in February 2020 I left employer A and joined employer B [It happened my visa expiry 28th Feb 2020 and employer A did not start for my H1B extension]. While doing H1B transfer I used my old passport which is valid till August 2020.

When H1B transfer was in progress I applied for my new passport and received it as well.

My I-797 Validity after H1B transfer is  till 2023 And also  I-94 date on new I797 is till 2023.


Considering this my passport is about to expire in next two months but I have valid I-94 till 2023, Am I good in terms of I-94  and H1B status or do I need to take any action.


Thank You in anticipation !!




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You are good. Your I94 which came with the I797 in Feb 2020 is valid even if you got a new passport. 

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