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B2 visa extension for parents

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This may have asked many times but will ask again since I need to renew B2 visa for my parents.

It seems if you have co-applicant you cant do online so you have to mail it. Do you know how long it takes to process the application? Parents still have another month or so with valid I94.

Any specific document that I need to send?

What is A- number? I dont see the number in the VISA, Its either has Control number or the number with 8 digits that start with letter C(Not A).

Also since I am filing for my parents, Should I fill preparer section or interpreter section in the form?

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I'm on the same boat , I was not able to include both in one online application , Is paper application even advisable now(their visa expires 7/30). how long it takes to get the caseid generated if filed via paper. Only reason I was thinking the paper was it will save me 370$. or spending that extra 370$ is advisable ?

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From what I understand, we need to file I-539 and I-539 A(for second applicant) and send it in a package. However, I am not sure if the fees needs to be $ 370 x 2 or just $ 370 + $ 85 x 2 for bio-metrics. Could someone clarify?

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