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Do you need a job offer for Green Card Consular processing

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My GC priority date is Aug 31st, 2009. I am tired waiting for the date to become current and I am thinking of moving to another country. I recently heard that even if I move to another country I can still avail of my GC priority date by doing consular processing. So even if I lose my H1B status I can still get my GC from outside the country. So how does the process work? Let's say my GC priority date becomes current and I am outside of the country and don't have a H1B. Will I have to get a new job from a company in USA in order to get my GC processing done? Or can I just go to the US consulate of that country and then get my GC processed?

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For Employment based, you will need an employer who is offering you the job and sponsoring your GC. If you quit your job now, your new employer will have to start the process again but you can maintain the PD. 

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For Consular Processing, the job offer has to be from the original employer who filed the I-140. It has to be recent, and notarized.

Of course, a new employer can start the process over from scratch, in this case you would just keep the PD.

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